That’s OK. With University Exploration, you can explore career options without losing any time toward your degree.

Options for undecided students

Though it may feel to you as if everyone knows their major going into college, it's actually common not to know — and 100 percent okay. Starting as an undecided major can help you learn more about your options and more about yourself, leading to a really good fit.

We set you up for success by offering 200+ academic programs, so you can combine interests or change your mind without changing schools. Also in your corner: A dedicated exploration program with a high rate of success at matching students and majors.

What to choose as a major when you apply

When you apply for admission, you will be asked to select a major. As an undecided student, you may select one of the programs below. Due to visa requirements, international students may not declare University Exploration or undecided programs as majors.

Option 1: University Exploration

If you want to sample courses before committing to a major or just have too many interests to narrow it down right now, you’re best bet is to start in University Exploration. In University Exploration you will have personalized assistance from trained academic counselors to match your strengths and interests to a major that will lead to a satisfying and rewarding degree.

On the admission application, select either general University Exploration – Undecided/Exploring or one of six "meta-majors" (broad fields of study):

Option 2: Undecided majors within a college or school

If you know what you’re good at and you have a general idea of the field you want to pursue, but haven’t decided on a specific major, consider beginning in an undecided program offered by five of Ohio State's colleges and schools.

On the admission application, select one of the following: