Academic communities

Build relationships with faculty, get leadership experience, and make connections on campus and beyond.

Beyond the classroom

Ohio State's academic communities are proven ways to have a richer (and more successful) academic experience. You’ll learn skills and have experiences that will make you better prepared for graduation.

Honors & Scholars

Students in any major may join University Honors or one of the 16 theme-based programs of Ohio State Scholars to interact with an accomplished, close-knit community of peers, take part in service and travel opportunities, develop ties with top faculty, and live in designated Honors and Scholars housing. The Stamps Eminence Scholarship Program offers extraordinary opportunities and support for a select group of Honors students.

Morrill Scholarship Program

For those engaged in diversity-based leadership, social justice and service, the Morrill Scholarship Program offers financial awards and enrichment opportunities — like mentoring, an early arrival program and a learning community — to exceptional students.

Apply for Honors, Scholars and MSP programs on the Common Application. These programs are competitive — if you wish to be considered, we strongly recommend meeting our November 1 early action deadline.

Living-learning communities

Live with other students who share your major, career or personal interests. Living-learning communities are residential programs that contribute to your academic success by providing opportunities to explore a focus area alongside peers, faculty and staff.


Most Ohio State students are required to live on campus for their first two years, and the Second-year Transformational Experience Program is an innovative residential community designed to help participating students get the most out of that sophomore year. The program focuses on professional and personal development and faculty-student interaction.

Student organizations

From the Academics Team to the Zoology Club, Ohio State students head up hundreds of organizations with a connection to an academic program or national organization. Learn from your upper-level peers as you travel to conferences and attend networking events. 

Our faculty make the grade Ohio State professors inspire their students. But as they'll tell you, the inspiration goes both ways.

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