Find support

We're ready to help you have successful, fulfilling experiences at all stages of your college career.

As soon as you're admitted …

College will challenge you. And challenge is good. It helps us grow. But when you need a little extra help, that's when you reap the benefits of a university committed to your success.

First Year Experience

FYE's programs and team of peer leaders – you'll meet them at University Orientation – help undergrads from all backgrounds develop the skills and connections required to meet challenges in and out of the classroom.

Talk to our most successful students and you will find that they have sought out and used the Ohio State support available to them. They will name these resources among the most valuable to their Ohio State experiences.

Disability Services

Disability Services provides services and programs to students with documented disabilities. Future students are encouraged to contact the office in the early stages of their college planning to learn about the many pre-admission services available.

Summer programs

Ohio State's summer schedule includes:

Once you're on campus …

Academic support and tutoring

There may be subjects or study skills you struggle with. You aren’t alone, and staff at a variety of study centers are ready to empower you with new tools and knowledge.

Career exploration and preparation

At each step, you'll find professional advisors – staff and faculty – who help you plan your degree, connect with those life-changing opportunities, navigate the university, and prepare for a career or graduate school.

Counseling and wellness

Ohio State is home to a lot of very smart people, some of whom are dedicated to understanding the challenges and stresses college students face. We're prepared to help you develop the skills you need to find balance while in college, and for the rest of your life.