More ways to explore majors

Interested in pre-law or pre-health? Want to study business, health care or STEM? Looking to design your own major?

Customize your academic experience

At Ohio State, you’ll tailor your academic experience to help you gain essential know-how and skills.

If you want to be a lawyer or go into a health profession, you’ll want to participate in one of Ohio State's pre-professional programs while completing an undergraduate degree of your choice. Pre-professional programs help you prepare for professional school after graduation. Identifying your pre-professional interest will enable your academic advisors to provide you with a wide range of support to realize your goals.

When you apply for admission to Ohio State, one of the application questions will ask if you are interested in a pre-professional program. There you can indicate your interest in:

  • Pre-dentistry
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-medicine
  • Pre-optometry
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Pre-veterinary medicine

Pre-professional programs are not majors, so you'll also need to select a major. Learn about recommended majors and more at

Perhaps your heart is set on a career in business. At Ohio State, the Fisher College of Business isn’t the only route to a business degree. And medical school isn’t the only way to have a career in the health field. And a STEM education can be as varied as your interests.

Because Ohio State has over 200 majors, there are many paths to popular career fields. We’ve created the following “pathways” to help you explore:

The Personalized Study Program (College of Arts and Sciences) gives students flexibility to design and complete a major that falls outside established academic departments or programs. This program is interdisciplinary, meaning you can take courses within multiple departments and even across colleges.

If you’re highly motivated, independent and passionate about a non-traditional discipline, this may be the right path for you. PSP is not a major, so you'll need to select a major when you apply for admission to Ohio State, then schedule an appointment with your academic advisor once you are enrolled. Learn more about the Personalized Study Program.